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Green Flag's Philosophy





Our mission is to create an environment that nurtures and facilitates healing and personal growth.



We envision a community dedicated to compassionately understanding and honoring our individual and collective human experiences.


We are committed to these VALUES:


We value CURIOSITY. Exploration of self can lead to transformational change. When we take away the judgment and simply approach our thoughts and feelings with a curious mind, we can develop an acceptance and love for our authentic self.


COURAGE to be yourself unapologetically can be a life’s mission. We are honored to witness journeys that lead to deeper knowledge and fuller love for oneself. Courage equals inspiration.


COMMUNITY provides relationship and support. We exist in connection with others. We need one another to be able to grow and thrive. We value creating community in all that we do.


We have a passion for CHANGE and dedication to the awareness of how we all affect each other and our collective healing. For us it is important to undo social stereotypes around our “challenges” and find resilience and beauty in how we adapt to challenging times.


A key component to healing is JOY. Laughing heals the heart and purifies the soul.


RESILIENCE is the foundation for growth and self-love. We are committed to tappinginto the power in each of us!

These are the PRINCIPLES that govern the way we practice:


We are devoted to ADVOCACY for all those who are looking for supportin finding their voice.


We work to connect people with resources to encourage their process.

We wholeheartedly believe in encouraging EMPOWERMENT and making friends with our inner selves, delighting in the human condition versus labeling and degrading it.


We believe that all humans have the capacity for healing and GROWTH and that each of us has a unique process. We honor our privilege to be part of others’ journeys.


We all need connection to thrive. Our dedication to forming a supportive, accepting, and genuine therapeutic RELATIONSHIP is central to our approach at Green Flag.


RESPECT FOR ADVERSITY drives the culture we aim to create. We encourage the honoring of ways we face hardship by greeting ourselves with acceptance and appreciation and releasing any parts that do not serve with love.


We believe that BRAVE SPACES provide an opportunity for dialogue. We create space for open, honest, and non-defensive exchange of ideas and energy between people.


Green Flag's Services

Green Flag provides services to its clients and the community by tele-mental health, via Zoom and Therapy Portal, and in-person sessions at the office. All of our clinicians are committed to trauma-focused treatment modalities, and sensitive to systemic and interpersonal functioning of each client.


Community Resources

If you are looking for other resources beyond Green Flag's therapy and training services, please explore the resources page. We've included a list of some great businesses and non-profits, as well as some outlets with information and reading materials that can provide help to you or someone you know.


Contact Us

You can find information on how to contact the team on the contact page. Also below, in the website's footer, you will find general contact information for Green Flag.

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