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Anna Bartkowiak, LCPC, RPT-S, CCDVC

Magic happens when we seize the opportunity to connect deeply. Our nervous systems reset when we feel safe and change when we find a path to accepting ourselves exactly as we are. I feel honored and humbled by witnessing people's pursuit of purpose, identity, self-worth, and love. I pride myself on a fellowship of the journey with people I work with daily.

Neurologically, we are designed to function in the context of a community. We heal together, and we need each other to thrive. Grief comes from experiences where we start believing we are not enough or do not matter in our interpersonal circles (both on a micro and macro scale). In the safety of a therapeutic relationship, I strive to support my patients' bodies, minds, and spirits to integrate past experiences and identify internal validation for one's existence. All moods, feelings, ideas, and sensations are welcome.

My guiding principles are authenticity, empathy, honesty, recognition of clients' autonomy and uniqueness, and boundaries. I am curious about all people's experiences and their meaning-making processes. How do you make sense of your resilience? How do you understand your life's purpose? Do you feel connected to your internal power? Are you one of your ten favorite people?

I wish for you to get everything you need on your journey.

Take good care of yourself.


Ashley Livers, LCPC, Clinical Director

The majority of clients who come to me are experiencing many different presenting challenges and are seeking assistance in various aspects of their life. This might include processing emotions, controlling anger, improving their mood, managing life, in general, or wanting to work through trauma. We all want to navigate life in the best way possible and most of my clients are simply seeking help in becoming a happier, healed, and more grounded version of themselves.


Some of my background is deeply rooted in helping individuals who present with symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and a history of self-harm. I also work with children and teens who are having difficulty adjusting to their current environments. Additionally, I have a wealth of training, passion, and experience for working with individuals to assist them in processing traumatic experiences such as sexual assault, emotional abuse, religious trauma, and domestic abuse.

The counseling process is an incredible journey that can bring a plethora of thoughts and emotions to the surface. The personal growth that accompanies this process can be life-changing, and it is so important to find a therapist that you trust to walk through this journey with. Reaching out to a therapist in search of assistance can be the scariest part of beginning therapy.


I welcome you to a discussion that explores your needs and desires throughout this therapeutic process by offering a consultation phone call to make sure that we have the potential to be a good fit for each other. 


Please feel free to contact me by phone at (406)-219-1206, or by email at to set up a time to talk.


Heidi Wilson, MA, PCLC

For me, counseling is the exploration, discovery, understanding, and acceptance of self. It is a journey into both the darkness of hurts, fears, and disappointments and the light of hope and resilience. It is an honor to walk alongside others as they take this voyage into the unknown in order to become known.

I want them to feel seen. I want them to feel heard. I want them to feel accepted. Using the words of Morgan Harper Nichols, I want them to know that they can “find peace and grow in the wild of changing things”. Healing is on the horizon.

My approach is person-centered, mindfulness-informed, and focused on meaning-making. I also utilize cognitive and behavioral methodologies to collaboratively develop new ways of relating to thoughts, coping, and regulating emotions. I strive to provide a safe space to holistically attend to mind, body, and spirituality as the story of self transforms from one of brokenness to one of wholeness.

Erica Blair.jpg

Erica Blair, MS, PCLC

I practice from a holistic and integrative lens to incorporate emotion-focused, attachment, and multi-cultural perspectives. My clients will learn the skills to better connect with themselves, others and the world around them. Therapy can be an occasion of self-exploration and physical, mental, and emotional healing. With the use of mindfulness and present processing, we can create a safe space for deep introspection. This allows for increased awareness and understanding of the roots of your unique behaviors, emotional/thought patterns, and relationship dynamics.


I bring my whole self to the therapy room. I hope our work together provides you with a compassionate perspective where you feel accepted, understood, and supported through any experiences you are going through. As a fellow healer, I recognize that introspection is extremely difficult – it can be a lonely, repetitive and defeating experience at times.


Engaging in therapy is a commitment to yourself and your health. You don’t have to do this alone. I am deeply honored to be doing this work. My space is welcoming to people of all races, genders, countries of origin, sexual identities, religions, abilities and body sizes. I look forward to working with you.

Contact me by phone at (406) 284-1260, or by email at


Jenna Coats, MS, PCLC

My counseling approach is grounded in the belief that we as humans have the innate ability to heal, grow, and make changes that impact the direction of our lives. My perspective involves connecting our minds, bodies, and emotions to increase awareness towards areas of our lives where we may feel stuck, in conflict, overwhelmed, or shut off. I believe that when we can more clearly see these patterns and responses, we develop a deeper self-awareness and a sense that we have more control than we may realize. With this knowledge, my hope is to support you in feeling more connected, compassionate, and accepting towards all parts of yourself.

Some of my experience includes working with individuals who have experienced trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse, relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, and managing difficult life transitions. I also incorporate exploration of cultural identity and context as many of these factors often go overlooked even though they can have a large impact on our healing.

While in the counseling room, you can expect me to support you in finding more clarity in your story, deepening your understanding of your emotions, and exploring why our bodies respond in the way they do to traumatic events and difficult experiences. Building a trusting, authentic, and genuine counseling relationship is my priority and I invite you to take a curious and active role in the counseling room as we collaborate in healing.


Finding a counselor that is a good match is important and I encourage you to reach out for a free consultation to see if we would be a good fit. Feel free to reach me via email: or via phone: (406)518-1836.

Green Flag's Work Space

Green Flag has created an inviting space for its clients to facilitate in-person counseling, from individual to group, training, supervision, and play.


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